An Education You Create

A Learning Community for Grades 8 to 12 in Vancouver

Registration Open for the 2022/23 School Year

2 days of programming
No Tuition Fees!
Small class size
Youth life coach
Credit for passions and interests
Supports cross-enrollment through optional attendance
A community that values social justice
Adaptable to online learning

What is IDEAS?

Are you looking for a completely different high school experience? A smaller, close-knit group of peers? A teacher who is invested in you as a person and a student? More choice, less busy-work and a later start to your days?

At IDEAS we offer a  friendly, inclusive, academically enriching program without the drudgery. We have a kind, caring teacher who listens. We offer non-compulsory attendance and the freedom to tailor your schedule to your own interests and goals. IDEAS is an alternative learning high school that puts students first.

How It Works

IDEAS High School is a blended home learning program for students grades 8 through 12, offered through Island Discovery Home Learning Community (IDLC), and located in Vancouver. In-class programming is available two days per week, supplemented by home learning, online learning, and/or any other classes/programs/interests students pursue. Students have the option of working towards a Dogwood certification (high school graduation). When it comes to learning, IDEAS does not believe that one-size-fits-all. Three facets contribute to the integrated IDEAS education:

Face to Face Programming

IDEAS begins classes at 10am. Two days per week, there is optional face-to-face programming with a BC-certified high school teacher. The classes are student centered, encouraging academic momentum both individually and collectively. Students contribute to the class agenda. The teacher provides guidance and support for students’ individual styles of learning, interests, and ambitions. Student voices and contributions are taken seriously. Have you ever had an outstanding, amazing teacher who cared about you, helped you, and changed your life? That’s the kind of teacher IDEAS has.

IDEAS classes build community. The tone is inclusive and friendly with lots of opportunity for collaborative learning and creating lasting social connections. IDEAS is a supportive environment for LGBTQ and BIPOC youth. Students get to know each other well through small class size and group projects.

Online Documentation

In consultation with the teacher, students and families create learning plans tailored to each individual student. Student work is assessed through online portfolio documentation. Students can contribute aspects of their hobbies or life-long interests towards their academic goals. They can take on passion-projects and document their progress on their own time, and in their own way. Do you ever wish all the baking you did, or the horse-riding, or the Minecraft, or your drawing, or your interest in birding, could be used towards your high school diploma? At IDEAS, it can.

Complementary Programs

Do you do other programs alongside school, such as ballet, piano, soccer, or swimming? At IDEAS, these can also contribute towards your course credits. Through documentation and teacher assessment, your extracurricular programs can actually become curriculur. Many IDEAS students take advantage of the TES Theatre Program which offers class-time on complementary days, and provides the equivalent of up to four courses. Other options are RCM music, Red-cross swimming/first aid, martial arts, or any programming that meets or contributes to Ministry-approved curriculum. It’s all part of your learning!