Our Program

The IDEAS alternative high school program is a response to the lack of supports for high school students who choose home education. Through consultation with high school students, IDEAS has determined the following points are a priority.

  • Supports a community of youth.
  • Provides 2 days of face to face programming with a learning consultant, as well as adult mentors, that reflects students’ needs.
  • Progressive, integrated programming.
  • Allows for cross enrollment.
  • LGBTQ and BIPOC friendly.
  • Focuses on portfolio development. Students can chose to pursue a Dogwood diploma or utilize their class credits and portfolio for alternative paths.

Blended, Inquiry-Based Learning

IDEAS is focused on supporting academic success through diverse learning styles.

  • Focus on experiential learning and inquiry-based, passion projects that students are motivated to work on.
  • Integrated curriculum to reduce busy-work and support assessment for multiple credits.
  • Seminar-style curriculum delivery
  • Option of group work.
  • Credit for activities outside of a classroom setting.
  • Option to enrol in online courses if desired.


The Tuesday and Wednesday classes, for the 2021/22 school year, will be at the Ache Brasil Capoeira, 341 East Broadway.