Q. What is this program?

A. This is an alternative education program for secondary students, grades 8 to 12, offered through Island Discovery Learning Community.

Q. What is an Distributed Learning program?

A.  “Distributed Learning” is when a student learns partially at a distance from their teacher, often via a blend of independent learning and classroom instruction. It’s an approach that offers flexibility and opportunity for students to learn outside of the mainstream classroom setting or schedule, and emphasizes different approaches to teaching and learning styles.

Here is the Government of BC’s description and here is an explanation from the Vancouver Home Learners Website. This is IDLC’s explanation.

Note: The Ministry of Education is in the process of changing “Distributed Learning” to “Online Programs”. We will update as we get more information.

Q. What would the schedule be?

A. For students enrolled in the full 6 – 8 courses, there are two days per week of on-site class time available with a learning consultant and with other students. Students enrolled in 4 to 5 courses can attend one day per week.

Q. How many students will there be?

A. The class size ranges from 15 – 25.

Q. What courses will be taught?

A. The students will engage in a combination of self-directed and guided learning, with the learning consultant acting as facilitator as well as instructor. Specific subjects will be integrated within a larger learning framework. See Home page for more details.

Q. Where is the location?

A. Classes take place at the Ache Brasil Capoeira, 341 East Broadway. Vancouver, BC.

Q. Can students cross enroll?

A. Yes! Students can cross-enroll.

·      A full course load is 8 courses. Students can enroll in some here, and some elsewhere.

·      This option might be useful for students requiring only one or two credits to complete a Dogwood, or who would like to receive credit for a self-directed project or external course.

·      BUT to attend the in-class program 2 days per week with a teacher, students must be enrolled in a minimum of six courses. Students enrolled in 4 to 5 courses can attend one day per week at the discretion of the teacher. For fewer than four courses, the student would only have remote access to the learning consultant.

o   6 – 8 courses allows for 2 days of class attendance

o   4 – 5 courses allows for 1 day of class attendance (At the discretion of the teacher.)

o   1 to 3 courses allows distance-based assessment access only

Q. Are there opportunities for students with special needs designations?

A. At this time, the program does not have access to support or funding for designations, but it is a goal we can work towards. Please send us your information and wishes and we will include it in our ongoing discussions around building the program.

Q. Are there any costs to participate?

A. There may be costs for facilities once face-to-face classes resume.

Occasional extra costs for field trips and special events might arise.

Q. Can I receive the dogwood diploma through this program?

A. Yes! This is something students can choose to complete if they desire. It is not mandatory.

Q. How do I enroll?

A. Contact IDEAS to set up an experience day at ideashighschool@gmail.com

Q. Who can I contact for more information or to discuss the program?


Q. Is attendance mandatory?

A. No, attendance is not compulsory. Students are welcome to work remotely if they prefer. Classes are entirely optional.

Please continue to send us your questions and we will add them to this FAQ page!