In the IDEAS program, student, parent, and learning consultant work jointly to create a learning plan for student academic success. Parents and students are expected to support the community of learners through volunteering.

Learning Consultant

  • Responsible for reporting to the Ministry of Education.
  • Responsible for creating the learning plan with learner and guardians.
  • Responsible for assessment of all courses learners are enrolled in.


  • Responsible for creating the learning plan with the learning consultant and the student.
  • Responsible for reporting and conferencing with the learning consultant and student.
  • Responsible for contributing to the learning community.


  • Responsible to engage in all courses for which they are enrolled.
  • Responsible to produce evidence of learning through discussion, projects and writing.
  • Responsible to keep mutually beneficial agreements within the learning facility.

The program will offer 2 days per week of integrated curriculum led by a learning consultant, with a focus on seminars, workshops, individual projects and assignments.

In Community

Students and parents document learning for portfolio assessment (for example, through additional classes in a wide-variety of areas such as music, sports, theatre, dance etc.). This includes submissions of writing, drawing, blogging, programming, photography etc.

To receive credits for courses, students must meet the curriculum and learning objectives set out by the Ministry of Education.  

Complementary External Programs

Students are free to spend their class and non-class time however they choose. One option is to enroll in external programs for which they could receive course credits through the IDLC program, such as a theatre, sports, music class, or chess club.