Education in the time of Covid-19

There is a lot of uncertainty about how schools will function in the upcoming months. As recommendations change, schools have to adjust. This can create severe disruption to educational programs.
IDEAS High School is well positioned to navigate the shifting protocols. We are already a hybrid program, combining teacher instruction with at-home learning, and balancing class-time with online support. Students and teachers are able to easily adapt to any new health guidelines, requiring no substantial upheaval to the programs already in place.
Without having to make any changes to our structure or approach, IDEAS High School is naturally in compliance with many of the new Covid 19 recommendation

  • Small class size
  • Consistent group of students with same teacher (comparable to an “isolation pod”)
  • Fewer class days (maximum 2 days/week)
  • All class time is optional
  • Support for at-home learning
  • Use of online resources

IDEAS High School is well adapted to any Covid-19 protocols that arise. Safety is everyone’s priority.